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Knjige - Aspiring Artist's Studio: Beaded Jewelry

Gradivo je dodal: Behemot, Pon, 12.nov 2012 ob 15:08, Kategorija Knjige
Aspiring Artist's Studio: Beaded Jewelry -
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Few things satisfy a crafter’s craving for self-expression like working with beads—and Tair Parnes brings a world of inspiration to the art. Fascinated by styles from Asia and Africa, and skilled at creating vivid and unusual combinations, she produces unique beaded jewelry that is lively, expressive, and distinct. These 20 projects—which begin with the simplest techniques and grow more complex as the book goes along—range from colorful Cloisonné Cone Earrings in red, orange, and pink to a glowing Sunburst Pendant to an advanced-level Razzle Dazzle Ring Necklace. Large and vibrant color photos accompany easy-to-follow instructions that practically invite beginners to get creative. Every earring, necklace, and brooch is like a perfect piece of contemporary art.

  • Hardcover: 128 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1402732591

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Avtor: Parnes, T.
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